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What is Freelancing?| How do i start freelancing? and Earn money online|

What is freelancing?
what is freelancing?

You heard about Freelancing, But you does not have a proper idea that exactly what is freelancing? and "how do i start freelancing?.Also some people have too many queries in their mind such as " Is freelancing a career?", how to make it full time career? and much more.

So here we are, to help you about releasing your all confusions about what is freelancing and how do i start freelancing. Let's get started.

Many of us are doing jobs in real life which we don't like. Somewhere we want a platform to know "What is freelancing?" and show our hidden talent in front of world. So, freelancing websites like where not just you can find jobs, you can also post some jobs if you want.

Freelancing is amazing platform for those who want to be self employed or self paid, who want to work as per their comforts zone.

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is self employed job where you can find work related to your skills, your educations and experience in particular field. freelancers are free from that common 9 to 5 jobs, that's why they are happy to work here any time as per there comfort zone.

Freelancer is kind of way to view that wisdom. Here you can find varieties of jobs like data entry, video editing, logo making, content writing, data scrapping and much more. freelancer is a person who earn money on per-job basis. 

So, what is freelancing, It is short term work proposed by multiple client. Freelancer is not employee of official company but they can be subcontracted by other companies or businesses. 

Sometimes, people searches for freelance make up artist, freelance photography and more. That's means now a day, people want to go for freelancer instead of near by service provider. 

How do i start freelancing?

If you want to start freelancing, then you need an account in any freelancing website like upwork, freelancer etc. Now, question come in everyone mind that How do i start freelancing, How do i become freelance make up artist? and similier more questions.

You have to create freelancer account in any of freelancing website which is 100% free. Yes, there are no fees required to open freelancer account. Let's start clearing your doubt "How do i start freelancing" with opening account on

How to open freelancer account?
  • Go to , You can see options of sign up for opening new account. If you already had freelancer account then go for login like login with username or Email. You can also log in with your Facebook account. 
  • Create an account by sign up options. Now you have an options like continue with facebook or email, you can choose accordingly as you want.
  • Fill the mail id and put strong password, read user agreement and privacy policy of freelancer then click on Join Freelancer.
  • After Joining freelancer, You have to put username. Username is just a name which will show to client, when you have chat with them. we shall suggest you to put some unique and professional sounding username.
( Professional sound username will make impact on your client, So if you really need jobs from your client, then you have to act professionally from start to end and it will always bonus for you)
  • Now, Freelancer ask for select account type. you will find account type "I want to work" or "I want to hire" . If you want jobs from clients for earning money, then you have to select "I want to work". If  you want to hire freelancer  who will work for your business, then you have choose " I want to hire".
  • After chose account type, you will directed to freelancer dashboard. Congrats you account has created. Now you just have to setup your account by verifying your email id, Update your profile and place your first bid.
( In freelancing, Bid means money proposal to employer. when employer offer job to you, you have to ask bid for completing work)

  • For placing bid, you have to select payment method because when client want to pay you, then they need your payment details for payment. There are various types of payment method available like . We recommended bank details and pay pal payment method.
  • After setting payment, you have to deposit some amount as security deposit. It is just for securing your client for trusting you. 
  • Now, you can find project by clicking on options "Browse Project".
  • Select your skill, you can select multiple skills if you have more skills. Freelancer will show you projects according to your skills you selected.
  • Here all sets, you have to choose projects which you like to do. Such as if you want to become freelance make up artist, then update your skills .Complete the project within specific time limit and get paid. 
  • I think that we successfully found answer for "how do i start freelancing?"  Do your quality project because your dedication toward work can build trust.
Advantages of freelancing job

  • It will improve your dealing skill that how to deal with client.
  • It teaches you self discipline.
  • It is a type of job that make you self employed.
  • It's allow you to earn more according to your skill.
  • It will gives you freedom to choose you project and client.
  • In freelancing job, you have your control on workload.
  • Here, you can do jobs either part time or full time on your choice.
Is freelancing a career?

Most of people have doubt on freelancing because of lack of exact knowledge about" What is freelancing?". They frequently asked that how freelancing become full time profession. If you ask me " Is freelancing a career?"
Yes, It can become good career if you are good at your skills because most well known country appreciates freelancer for their works.

Some people  updates their art skill to become Freelance make up artist, some of us has promote their work freelance photography.

Country like USA has 78% of freelancer and India has find growth of 29% freelancer people over  working population. That's mean there are huge opportunities in freelancing jobs.

Initially, you might face difficulties and disappointments because you didn't know what is freelancing, How do i start freelancing. After spend few days , you learns most of things in freelancing, how it's gonna be career. 

Once you gain trust of your client, provide constant services to them, then you can grow well. In freelancing, you have to build good relations with your clients by ensuring their quality needs. Then you will be professional freelancer.

Types of clients in freelancing

There are many types of client in freelancing. Some clients comes for blog post writing on tech topics, plantation topics, Career counselling, and more on shopping malls etc. Some clients are come from corporate industry for Software security, website securities and much more. 


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