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What is 7QC tools ? | what are the 7QC tools?

What is 7QC tools? and What are the 7 Qc tools?
7QC tools is basic quality control tools which helps to troubleshoot quality related issues. 7QC tools mostly includes graphical techniques to analysis or solve the problems related to quality. 
It consist of check sheets, flow charts, control charts, histogram,scatter diagram, Pareto diagram, cause and effect diagram, 7QC tools are suitable for those who took formal little training in statistics.
Quick explanation and advantages of each tools are given below.
1. Check sheet
It is type of documents or form used to collect raw data in real time from particular place by particular person. Check sheets consist of short information such as who filled out check sheet, why data were collected, what was collected, where the collection take place, when the collection took place. 
The collected data are in Quantitative data or Qualitative data. Main purpose of check sheet is to collect data for further analysis
Advantages of Check sheets are as follow.