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UTM machine(Universal Testing Machine)|UTM machines parts

UTM machine(Universal Testing Machine)|UTM  machines parts 

UTM machine is used to test mechanical properties of materials such as strength (tensile /compression), % of elongation,Modulus,stiffness,adhesion and more. UTM machine mostly used in manufacturing  industries like steel industry plant , Tyre manufacturing plant, Rubber & plastic product manufacturing units and also its used in civil infrastructure sector. here we are sharing all about utm machine includes its machine parts,UTM machine full form,its machine price and UTM machine calibration and maintenance details.

What is UTM machines and UTM machine full form?

UTM machine is called as Universal Testing Machine, a word "universal" given to UTM machine because it perform many verities of standard tensile and compression test. Utm machine is versatile as it can perform tests on structure,material, machine components.

What are the utm machine parts and their functions?

Universal Testing Machine(UTM) consist of components like load frame,cross head, load cell,grip holder,extensometer,operating software,output device and some safety components like limit switches & Emergency switch. short description of utm machines parts are given below.

Load frame;- It is strong support of machine which includes generally two vertical support columns.Some small machine having only one support columns.

Cross head;- It is movable component of moves in upward and downward direction in order to apply tensile load(upward movement) and compression load(downward movement).Usually this movement is at constant rated speed so that utm machine sometimes called as Constant Rate of Extension(CRE) machine.Linear ,Electro-mechanical and servo-hydraulic drives are used for movement of cross head.

Load Cell ;- It is type of force transducer which measures load in compression or in tensile .there are different type of force transducer according to their load measuring range such as -5kN to 5kN. load cell is mounted on Cross head.

Grips holder or Grip fixture ;- It is type of fixture design to fixed varity of grips at base or at cross head of utm machine.

Extensometer;- It is device which is used to measure elongation of is used for stress-strain is generally fixed between grips and mostly used in rubber industries.

Operating Software ;- It is software cum with utm machine for calculation of results in various measuring units, setting test parameter, creation of test methods.

Output device ;- It is means of providing data to user. Some new machines are comes with computer interface for data analysis and graph plotting. Older machines having LED panels.

Limit switches;- It is safety interlocks used to limit movement of cross head during auto test fail or unwanted movement.

Emergency Switch;-  It is one of utm machine part which is used to stop machine completely during emergency condition, specimens failure.

How does UTM machine work? or UTM machine working process?

Universal Testing Machine works in tensile or compression when cross head pull specimen in upward direction,load cell measures max tensile load required to elongate or its breaking point and shows results on computers software. In same day,when cross-head moves in downward, it will apply max compression load on specimens fixed between cross head and grip fixture.load cell calculates maximum load to break,or to bend specimens,and shown in software. There are some test where utm machine working process may differ.
Tensile strength (kg/cm2)- extension(mm) graph
Also it can detect slippage of specimen fixed between grips.Once test starts,continuous load increase is shows in live display on screen.Above graph is an example of tensile strength test where Y-axis shows tensile stress in Kg/cm2 and X-axis shows extension in mm.

How to create Test method in UTM software?

The test method creation process may be vary in different utm software but content almost similer in every utm software.

Adhesion test results in lbf/in.
1.Sample details;- It includes date of production,batch no and other sample details.
2. Specimen details;- Enter specimens details like width,height,length,diameter ,gauge length and other dimensions
3.Test parameters;- Choose the required test parameter  and its units from list such as tensile strength,100% modulus, and more.
4.Test control;- Choose test control such cross head speed, pretension, extension,auto balance.
5.Soft keys;- Choose soft keys such as zero extension,balance load,or balance all.
6.Live displays;- Such as load(kgf),extension(mm),elongation(%) which is shown in top header in software.
7.Report ;- Choose the what results ,sample details,specimens details you want to show in final report.

What is UTM machine price and its manufacturer?

Universal Testing Machine(UTM) price is depend on its specification,capacity and its brand. following are list of UTM machine manufacturer(OEM i.e Original Equipment Manufacturer) with model number and UTM machine price.

( list will update soon..)


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