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How to earn money from Facebook page in 2020 | latest Earning tips 2020

Do you want to know "How to earn money from your Facebook page?". Let's start reading and get best way to earn money from your Facebook page. There are two ways that is Direct earning and Indirect earning.
Before going a head, everyone should know " Why does Facebook pages is one of best way to earn money online?.Because Facebook is only platform where advertiser can target their audience according to age group. Facebook has its own importance in online marketing industries.
Let's start How to earn money from your Facebook page by Direct method?Direct earning method means earning from Facebook monetization services. Facebook monetization is most prefer earning source by Facebook page creators because it gives you consistence earning from your contents.
How to monetize your Facebook page and earn money from Facebook page?Facebook monetization is completely depend on your Facebook page followers. Another one is your page must follow Facebook monetization policy &…

What is Freelancing?| How do i start freelancing? and Earn money online|

You heard about Freelancing, But you does not have a proper idea that exactly what is freelancing? and "how do i start freelancing?.Also some people have too many queries in their mind such as " Is freelancing a career?", how to make it full time career? and much more.
So here we are, to help you about releasing your all confusions about what is freelancing and how do i start freelancing. Let's get started.
Many of us are doing jobs in real life which we don't like. Somewhere we want a platform to know "What is freelancing?" and show our hidden talent in front of world. So, freelancing websites like where not just you can find jobs, you can also post some jobs if you want.
Freelancing is amazing platform for those who want to be self employed or self paid, who want to work as per their comforts zone.
What is freelancing?
Freelancing is self employed job where you can find work related to your skills, your educations and experience in particul…

What is 7QC tools ? | what are the 7QC tools?

What is 7QC tools? and What are the 7 Qc tools?
7QC tools is basic quality control tools which helps to troubleshoot quality related issues. 7QC tools mostly includes graphical techniques to analysis or solve the problems related to quality. 
It consist of check sheets, flow charts, control charts, histogram,scatter diagram, Pareto diagram, cause and effect diagram, 7QC tools are suitable for those who took formal little training in statistics.
Quick explanation and advantages of each tools are given below.
1. Check sheet
It is type of documents or form used to collect raw data in real time from particular place by particular person. Check sheets consist of short information such as who filled out check sheet, why data were collected, what was collected, where the collection take place, when the collection took place. 
The collected data are in Quantitative data or Qualitative data. Main purpose of check sheet is to collect data for further analysis
Advantages of Check sheets are as follow.

What is the UTM machine ?|how does UTM machines works?

UTM machine(Universal Testing Machine)|UTM  machines parts  Here we are sharing all about utm machine includes its machine parts,UTM machine full form, calibration, its machine price and other details
UTM machine is used to test mechanical properties of materials such as strength (tensile /compression), % of elongation,Modulus,stiffness,adhesion and more. 
UTM machine mostly used in manufacturing  industries like steel industry plant , Tyre manufacturing plant, Rubber & plastic product manufacturing units and also its used in civil infrastructure sector. 
Here we are sharing all about utm machine includes its machine parts,UTM machine full form,its machine price and UTM machine calibration and maintenance details.

What is UTM machines and UTM machine full form?
UTM machine is called as Universal Testing Machine, a word "universal" given to UTM machine because it perform many verities of standard tensile and compression test. Utm machine is versatile as it can perform test…

What to do after 10th? Career Opportunities?

Here are 5 Career options to your most common question "What To Do After 10th?'. As everybody knows that 10th std is first stage of student's career journey and most of students passed 10th std but "What To Do After 10th?" is common question for all because its first career decision of student's life.
Now, its time to choose correct career options for your questions"what to do after 10th?"according to self interest and purpose. So, presenting 6 career options with short descriptions which will help to decide "what to do after 10th?".
1.Science stream( 11th & 12th std) If the students are interested in scientific researches in area of physics ,chemistry and biology should choose science. After choosing Science, there are two category options that is General Science and Bifocal.
In both options, there are some compulsory subjects like English, Physics, Chemistry and Environment science(EVS) for both General and bifocal science.

In scienc…