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Which types of plants are best for small outdoor garden ? | Worryshooters

7 Different types of plants for your small outdoor garden.

Whenever we are talking about own outdoor garden,we mostly confused which types of plants should we plant?. there are different types of plants available for gardening some are flowering & non flowering. here are 7 different types of plants for your beautiful small outdoor garden.


types of plants

Poinsettia is short day plant requiring two months of long nights prior to blooming. Poinsettia is different types of plants certainly short day plants flower when the length of daylights falls below a certain critical level. Poinsettia is common grown as indoor plant where it prefers
 good morning sun then shade in the hotter part of the day.

 height 2 - 13 ft
 leaf length 2.8 - 6.3 inches
  • Color available - flaming red, orange, pale green, cream, pink, white.

Safety major

Latex from poinsettia cause an allergic reactions in sensitive is also irritating to skin stomach and sometimes may cause diarrhea and vomiting if eaten. if sap introduced into human eye may cause temporary blindness.


types of plants

Blossom Ashoka is prized for its beautiful foliage and fragrant flowers. It is a handsome small erect evergreen types of plant with deep green leaves growing in dense clusters. It's flowering season is around February to April .the Ashoka flower come in heavy lush bunches.

Uses - bark of the Ashoka plant is used to prepare cosmetics that helps to improve skin complexion.

3. PLUMERIA is another types of plant. 

types of plants

Plumeria is basically flowering plants who famous for its fragrance at night. These plants are grown in warm regions. Plumeria is types of plants from cross pollinated seeds may show characteristics of the mother tree or their flowers might just have a totally new look.

Plumeria plantation is not big task, it propagated easily by cutting stem tips in spring. For planting, firstly you have to dry Plumeria stem at bottom then plant in well drained soil or add plumeria stem in water until it roots comes up and then add rooted stem in well drained soil.

Safety points 

- Plumeria plant have a milky latex that contain some poisonous compounds that irritate the eyes and skin.


types of plants

Lily plants are ranging in tall height plant that they are large, often fragrant. This types of plants also come in various colors like white,orange,yellow,purple and pink etc.

They are flowers in late spring and summers. its seeds are grown in late summer and sometimes in cool temperate climate.

These plant having roots are in addition to the basal roots that produced at base of the bulb.
lilies form bulb which grow at the depth soil or sometimes at surface of soil.


types of plants

Lotus is known as National flower of India which is basically aquatic plant.its roots are in deep soil pond while leaves are float on water surface.

Lotus plants is water based plant who's planting is not an easy task if you are thinking to plant it in your garden. For planting this types of plant, minimum depth should not be less than 12 inches. Lotus plant is growing in season from April to September temperature needed is 23 to 27 degree Celsius.

 First step of the cultivation is to plough the dry field. Make a one round of manure is applied after ten days then flood the field. For smooth initial growth,water level is held relatively low and increased when you noticed plant are growing.

Why should we plant lotus in our garden?

Lotus are well known flower in terms of religion aspect.In Hinduism, lord "Mahalaxmi" is standing on pink lotus flower and also holding it.


types of plants

Dahlia plant is types of flowering plant having very beautiful flowers in color of reddish orange,light red,light purple,white and many.they are grown in some regions with cold winters.

It is perennial plant with tuberous roots. Dahlia is a circular shape flower composite with central disk florets and each floret is a flower in its own rights. Dahlia was declared as National flower of Mexico in 1963.


types of plants

Most famous flowering plant 'Rose plant' having its own importance in world. It is perennial flowering plant of the genus Rose with attractive fragrance
Rose plants are types of plant having cultural significance in many societies and they are available in various colors & shapes.

Rose are commonly available color in red, white, yellow, pink and reddish orange and also they are used for making perfumes, food and drinks.

Rose plantation is not big task,just you have to cut stem of plant and put it in soil depth.

Safety points-

Rose plant have thorns which quite harm while touching it. 

Career in Plantations.

If you want to learn more about types of plants and study related to plantation, then you can choose diploma in plantations after 10th standard.


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